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Use this form to add details of your property. Once you've completed and submitted your content we'll send you an e-mail with login details for the online content manager where you can upload pictures and edit your text. Our content management team will, at the earliest opportunity, check your ad over and, provided everything is in order, contact you for payment prior to publishing it in the website.

Ads which are most likely to generate interest are those with a full description and a comprehensive set of good quality pictures. Please do not leave fields empty unless they are not relevant to your property. Fields whose titles are marked with an asterisk (*) can not be left empty.

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Terms and conditions of the property web page service

  1. Advertising is only available to genuine private sellers of a property in France. This service is not available for property agents or commercial developers (for business advertising information click here).
  2. The publisher reserves the right to decline to publish an advertisement at their discretion, and where such a decision is taken no correspondence will be entered into on the matter.
  3. No liability will be taken by the publisher for any loss, direct or consequential, as a result of contact initiated through this website.
  4. Where a featured listing has been placed on a paid basis and payment has been made, no refund will be given if it is withdrawn from publication by the advertiser before the expiry date of the purchased service.
  5. Advertisements which include irrelevant or inappropriate content may be withdrawn from publication at any time at the sole discretion of the publisher, and in such cases no refund will be made.
  6. Property descriptions and details must be factual and accurate.
  7. Web links to any other property portal or estate agent websites not permitted. Web links, e-mail addresses and phone numbers may not be included in the property description text fields. Access to the content manager will be withdrawn from advertisers who abuse the facility by placing such content in the editable text of their advertisement.
  8. The publisher retains editorial control over text and pictures.
  9. Support is provide only by e-mail, and not by phone. Advertisers requiring phone support may purchase this additional service for £49 per year.
  10. The advertiser is responsible for uploading and maintaining as necessary their own description, location details and pictures. Management of this aspect of an advertisement is not included with an advertisement booking.
  11. The advertiser will only include text and pictures to which they own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to use for this purpose, and will indemnify the publisher against any possible action arising from breach of another party's copyright.
  12. The publisher will only consider for publication adverts where the advertiser has provided at least 120 characters of text as the short description, at least 500 characters of text as the main description, and at least four relevant pictures, relevant meaning that they are of the property itself or its grounds. Landscape photographs of the surrounding area cannot be included.
  13. The website and adverts are provided strictly on an 'as is' basis. We cannot modify the website to suit individual requirements.
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